Kerberos was in the begining of time a standard vb-script using a lot of the hubs resources and slowed down the hub. As time when on I desided to see if I could get the script to have a more personal touch like description and share. But that was impossible, at least for me, so I desided to write a client and let the script acctually login to the Hub.

Kerberos is in real life a OP user to the hub and therefore uses less of the computers resources then a script with the same functions. Scripts also have a tendency to be faulty and very limited. Running 3 or more scripts just to check if the user is wanted in the hub is not to efficient or smooth

Kerberos should work with all known Open Hub software that uses the Neo-Modus Direct Connect Protocol and key and is therefore not limited to just NMDC Hub. You dont have to be a vb-script wizzard or pearl coder to set restrictions to your hub anymore.

The major difference between earlier versions of Kerberos™ and from 3.0 and upwards is that the newer version is totaly written in Microsofts Visual C# (C-Sharp). Another huge difference is in version 3 I've included a script that kicks users without any messages in the main chat.

If you experience running problems with version 3 and upwards you might need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework.

  • Language: Visual Basic 6 / Visual C#
  • Platform: All Win32
  • Author: Robert 'Iztari' Johansson
  • Known Hub Software: Neo-Modus DC Hub
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