Keeps unwanted users from your hub

Custom name, Description, E-mail and Share size

Version 3.0 [BETA]

Functions in 3.0

  • Checks for Windows and Program Files in share
  • Checks for shares containing illegal porn
  • Checks for .VOB files larger then 650 Mbyte
  • Checks the users shared slots (Minimum/Maximum)
  • Checks max DC++ Hub connections
  • Checks for Minimum share (in GB)
  • Checks for lazy nicks (qwerty etc...)
  • Checks for Common Search Bots
  • Checks for minimum DC++ version and Stealth versions
  • Silent Kick options
  • Nick Prefix check (This only allows Entered Prefixes)
  • VIP Users
  • Reports the Memory usage of the Application
    (If it is runned on the same computer as the hub it also
    reports the Hub Memory Usage)


  • OS: Windows 9x/2000/ME or XP

Known Hubs Running Kerberos

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